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12/16 2014

Tongaler of the Month – Federico Fracchia

Let’s hear it for our latest Tongaler of the Month, ideation genius, Federico Fracchia! Federico lives in Buenos Aires and studied literature before going to film school. Read on to learn about his creative process, his gift for dreaming up funny Ideas and tons of incredibly fun facts that prove he’s the coolest guy we know!

Izzy Francke: What is your creative and/or writing background?

Federico Fracchia: Well, I’ve always loved reading and writing, and I actually studied Literature (you’d call it “English”) as my major for a while, but then switched over to film school and got my degree in that instead.

IF: That’s cool! Since you’re one of our international Tongal stars, we’re curious to know, what is the artistic community like in Buenos Aires?

FF: Especially regarding the film and advertising worlds, it’s actually quite huge. There are a ridiculous amount of people studying these disciplines and working in these fields, and a lot of foreign ads are actually shot here due to lower costs, coupled with a huge supply of highly regarded professionals.

IF: That’s fascinating… How did you find Tongal?

FF: I honestly have no idea… but I do remember my first contest: submitting Ideas for Suavitel… and winning, right off the bat! They even made a TV ad! Talk about beginner’s luck! Right then and there, my mind was blown.

IF: I’d say it was mainly pure talent with a splash of beginner’s luck! You’ve come up with a ton of awesome and winning Ideas. In your opinion, what makes a good Idea?

FF: I think a good Idea always tells a bigger story, and it manages to somehow feel larger than the 30 seconds it’s supposed to happen in. The good ones also challenge and surprise not only the viewer, but also the brand, showing a side of them they didn’t know they had or had never thought about. That doesn’t mean an Idea has to be controversial or shockingly different to be good… just unexpected, but in a way that clicks and feels like it totally belongs there.

IF: That’s very insightful. Where do you get your inspiration? What’s your creative process like?

FF: As for inspiration, I’m not quite sure. I do watch a lot of films and TV shows, so I guess most of it comes from there, especially when it comes to humor. I love listening to comedy podcasts, watching stand-up specials, sketch shows! It can be anything, from the classics like Monty Python (which I’m a huge fan of) to weirder, current stuff, like Comedy Bang Bang! or Nathan for You. As for my creative process, it always starts as a back and forth with my girlfriend, Lola Ferré (also on the site), just bouncing ideas off each other. She’s great at a more traditional style of ad, so her ideas are always so different from mine that it’s immensely productive for me to just hear her out first, and build from there. And when we’re really stuck, we find that ping-pong is incredibly effective for just zoning out and letting new ideas flow through.

IF: It’s great that you two collaborate! We were impressed with your double win for “Sorry about that, son” and “Why can’t you be smarter?!?!” on the Oral-B Pro-Expert Video Project. How did it feel to win twice? Do you prefer one Idea over the other?

FF: That was a good one. I definitely prefer the “Sorry about that, son” Idea. That’s probably one of my all-time favorites, in that it’s just a little bit too weird and a little bit too mean to have been picked… but it was! I just wish it had been made into an ad… it could’ve been so funny. When it comes to humor, I find that you either “click” with a brand or you don’t… And that’s when you can win more than once. I think this was actually the 3rd time I won twice in the same contest, and they were all humor-based projects (Virgin America and Miller Lite were the other ones).

IF: That’s an interesting perspective. What’s your favorite Idea you ever submitted?

FF: Well, this previous one is definitely up there but apart from that one, it’s usually the ones they don’t pick, some of which I really love. Right now, I’m thinking of one that was called “Adventures of Jim, the Mile Redeemer,” for Virgin America, which said something like “Guy calls airline to redeem his miles: Sure, you’ll just need to fill form A52c in Korean, go to Mt Doom, find the Lost Gem, defeat Krom etc”. I don’t know why, but that one still makes me laugh!

IF: That definitely would have been entertaining to see brought to life in a Video! What would be your dream Project on Tongal?

FF: Well, I’m actually also a filmmaker, only I’m much more used to documentary-style stuff than traditional ads, so any globally-oriented documentary-style Project, I’d definitely jump right in. As for Idea Projects, anything involving humor is too much fun to call work. But it can’t be just a lukewarm, family-friendly style of humor, I’m talking about those few Projects where they’ll give you a great premise and just let you run wild with it. Every time that happens, that’s my dream Project. That, or just coming up with 5 or 10 new Taken movies, until everyone is taken. Even you!

IF: Haha – we would be honored to be featured in “Taken: Team Tongal” when you write it! What are your daily must-reads?

FF: I think the only thing I read daily is my Reddit feed and sometimes Quora, and there’s usually something interesting in there that I just need to know more about. Then, I end up just browsing away into the unknown, usually into Wikipedia, and I’ll spend hours just reading about astronomy or history or genetics or whatever. As for actual books, right now I’m finishing The 4 Hour Workweek and do not know what my next book will be.

IF: Wow, well winning on Tongal will definitely help you achieve the 4 hour work week! Tell us a fun fact or surprising hobby about yourself.

FF: Let’s see… I’ve been playing the trumpet for a couple of months now. I’m a black belt in Taekwondo. I think I still have a license to drive motorboats. I’m pretty sure I saw a UFO with my dad once, and no, we were not tired, drunk or in desperate need of attention. I studied Chinese for a year, went to China, did not understand a single word, loved it all the same. What else? Oh yeah, my whole family and I were once in an elevator with Ethan Hawke. We played it cool, don’t worry.

IF: Whoa – you could write a memoir based on those facts alone! What’s next for you, on Tongal or otherwise?

FF: Right now, I’m putting together 2 new ads for other video contest sites, and I’m bringing a producer and some other people into Little Jerry Ideas, my soon-to-be-officially-launched production company, so I can start focusing more on directing and producing higher quality ads, so hopefully you’ll be seeing my filmmaking side on Tongal pretty soon!

IF: We’re looking forward to it! Do you have any advice for other Tongalers who want to be ideation royalty like you?

FF: Take the time to read the Brief carefully, not just once but a couple of times, looking for keywords and trying to separate what the brand really really wants from what they’re putting in there just in case. And always try to read it a while before the deadline… like the day before. And then just leave it alone, don’t overthink it, just let it marinate in your head for a while. Your brain solves any riddle if you just leave it alone and give it some time. When you finally do sit down to write, you’ll be amazed at how many great ideas you’ve already got, just waiting to be written.

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with us. Team Tongal is so glad we got to know more about your creative work…we can’t wait to see your next Tongal Project!

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11/25 2014

Tongal Holiday Gift Guide

It’s already the week of Thanksgiving and the “most wonderful time of the year” is right around the corner. Team Tongal is ready to watch Elf on repeat, jam out to Christmas tunes and get jolly drinking eggnog at white elephant parties! What’s that – you haven’t started shopping, yet? Don’t worry we have your back. We put together this list of cool gifts for the creative people in your life to help you get your ducks (or turkeys) in a row.

Gift: GoPro Hero 4

Be your filmmaking friend’s holiday hero and give them the coolest new GoPro with built-in touch display. They’ll need it for shredding the slopes skiing – gotta get that epic wipeout on film, bro! There’s a deal on it during the Amazon Black Friday Sale.

Gift: Tascam DR60D
Want to make sure the kids sound like Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé singing in their school’s holiday show? This audio recorder is just what you need! It’s compatible with tons of DSLR cameras and works wonders for recording for TV, web broadcast and live events. Get it on sale with free shipping on Amazon.

Gift: Sony Alpha a7s Camera

Tis the Season for Oscar nominated movies, so help your filmmaker friends make the next big hit by giving them this camera! Trust us, you’ll automatically become their “Best. Friend. Ever!” We found a great trade-in deal and discount on Adorama.
PS – Sony just released the a7sII in Japan, you can sign up here to receive exclusive details on its US release!

Gift: Gorillapod Tripod
This tripod wraps around anything. We suggest you wrap it around the Menorah or put it on top of the tree to capture some super festive videos! It keeps your camera totally secure while capturing unique shots. There’s an amazing deal during the Amazon Black Friday Sale.

Gift: Trudeau Twist Jar Opener

We know it seems like a “Christmas miracle,” but this product is a great, inexpensive Follow Focus option – it fits around the ring of your Camera lens perfectly. Don’t believe us? Google it! We found a sweet deal at Sur La Table. Bonus: It could be handy for opening all those jars of gravy and cranberry sauce.

Gift: Zeikos ZE-DGC Digital Grey Card set
Want to look as good as the Kardashians in your family holiday photos? This set is awesome for setting white balance, can be used both pre and post-production, and works with all digital cameras. Order it on Amazon.

Gift: Neewer Collapsible Light Reflector

This gift is the equivalent of buying five pies for the price of one (but will result in less guilt-ridden New Year’s resolutions…). It’s also very universal as it fits on any standard light reflector holder! Order it on Amazon.

Gift: Final Draft Software
Great ideas are born while sipping on mulled wine and peppermint schnapps hot cocoa around the fire. With this software writers can record everything, without even putting down their glasses because it automatically formats documents into screenplays and teleplays. Order the latest version on sale on Amazon.

Gift: Writing Movies for Fun and Profit: How We Made a Billion at the Box Office

Having trouble getting kisses under the mistletoe? Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon can change that. They started from the bottom and now they’re popular screenwriters (and billionaires!). Their book gives valuable tips for success in a fun, laid-back tone. Get it on Amazon.

Gift: Cinematography for Directors: A Guide to Creative Collaboration
This book is the perfect present for the serious artists in your life. They won’t be able to put it down on those long car and plane journeys back home, so you’ll stay in their thoughts even after the festivities are over. Order it from Barnes and Noble.

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11/21 2014

Community Collaboration Leads to Infinite Possibilities

This August, Tongal launched the Lenovo Infinity Video Project. This Project was a “Gig,” meaning the top 200 filmmakers on our Leaderboard were invited to participate. Legendary Tongalers Extraneous Noise won the Pitch, and did something incredible…they assembled a team of Tongalers to work together on the Project! The dream team was North of Now, Mean Low and Zoran Petrovski. The result was the first Tongal collaboration of its kind – a Tongal milestone, if you will. Here, we bring you a spotlight on the creative process, from the perspective of all the Tongalers involved!

The Epiphany:

John Tomma and Meghan Federico from Extraneous Noise: After we won the Pitch, we had a moment of, “how are we going to pull this off in time?”  It was an insane timetable – 6 days from Pitch win to delivery! …We decided that the best way was to involve other producers. We’d already been thinking about collaborating with other Tongalers whose work we admired, so this Project was the excuse we’d been waiting for. It was great working with other Tongalers because they essentially come pre-vetted: we’ve seen their work, and we know that they’re familiar with the typical challenges of Tongal Projects.

Keeping in line with the “Infinity” concept, we wanted the Video to feel big, so we prioritized international producers who had access to various locations and talent. During our pre-production phase, we sent our Pitch to Tyler, Min and Zoran, specifying which part of the treatment we wanted them to shoot. We also asked them to come up with their own variations that they could pull off given the timetable and resources they had available. All of them came up with some amazing ideas that made the spot so much better than it would have been otherwise.

First Impressions:

Zoran Petrovski: I was so happy that day. It was the day I met my new girlfriend! John wrote to me at the right moment. When I received the e-mail from him, I replied right away with a “Yes” – no questions asked!

Tyler Funk from North of Now: I was super excited. It’s always fun working with new people and it was great to chat with John. I missed him and Meghan at the Tongies last year and was excited to meet them.

Min Low from Mean Low: I was super surprised, of course! This was one of the most interesting Tongal Projects on the site! Of course, right after I said yes came the “is this is even possible?” concern.

Working Together:

EN: Everyone we worked with was incredibly punctual. We connected with them on a Friday and by Sunday they’d already starting filming. We got the last of the footage on Tuesday. We’d assumed that, working with a group of international producers each shooting multiple scenes, not every scene would work, but almost all of them did, and we ended up having more awesome footage than we were able to use.

NON: Meghan and John gave me a lot of creative freedom, yet also knew exactly what they wanted which made for a really fun project. After skyping with John, I tried to figure out just how many scenes we could possibly shoot over the weekend, I think we ended up shooting five scenes, four of which made the cut.

ML: It was really exciting, not knowing how the whole thing would turn out. I had a rough idea of what the whole Video was about, but not the specifics of what others were shooting. John explained the concept of the project and I suggested a few possible locations. John then let me know which locations I should prioritize as well as the type of shots needed so that the final footage could gel together.

ZP: Our time difference is like 12h. When they’re waking up and checking their e-mail, I’m checking my email before going to sleep. But, in the end when you are working against a tight deadline there is no time difference. You work ‘til the last minute. They told me what they needed and I came up with some ideas. They loved them and I shot the scenes.

“Dude, this is hard” Moments:

EN: The day after winning the Pitch was pretty stressful since we weren’t sure if we’d be able to get enough producers on board, or how much we’d have to change the script based on who was available… Other than that, trying to get location releases on limited budgets is almost always the most challenging part of Tongal Videos. To work around this we shot virtually all the footage outdoors where we wouldn’t need to deal with releases.

ZP: The most challenging part for me was to find our lost recording camera in the bottom of a wakeboarding lake…we spent all night looking for it! In the morning one of the scuba divers found it on the muddy bottom. The footage on it was like watching National Geographic live. We managed to pull out the material we needed and the shots found their places in the Video.

NON: I had several crew and cast members drop out last minute so that was a challenge, but it just forced us to be creative and to find new solutions.

ML: The shoot lasted a whole day and I had to hike quite a bit in the morning with all my gear to get to the hanging bridge. By the time we climbed down, I was hungry, and I had to run all the way to where my car was parked and then rush to get lunch so that we could proceed to other locations. The locations weren’t near each other and the traffic jam made it worse! Staying awake to prep the footage late at night after all this had to be the toughest part.

“Dude, this is awesome” Moments:

EN: It was really exciting seeing the footage as it started coming in…Zoran’s car drifting and synchronized wakeboarders, Min’s Malaysian temples, and Tyler’s cliff jumping, infinity sparklers, and surfboard yoga. It was definitely one of our favorite editing projects.

ZP: It’s nice to know that you’ve helped someone. A guy across the world asks for a favor. Knowing that you helped him with just a few e-mail conversations was awesome. I want to be an example of how we should do things. I want to be that guy who will make the first step and help you.

NON: It was awesome to see what everyone had created and how John and Meghan brought their vision alive. Getting to sleep in the morning after the crazy two-day shoot was definitely great!

The Verdict:

EN: Teaming up with others can really increase the scope of what you can accomplish. Each of the producers brought their own creative visions and made it far greater than what we could have done on our own. There are still a lot of other producers at Tongal we’d love to collaborate with, so expect more like this from us in the future!

ZP: Tongalers across the world unite and break the boundaries of this modern society! Enter the new era of unlimited possibilities…just kidding. Team up, and have fun!

NON: John and Meghan were great communicators and I think that’s really the key to a great collaboration.

ML: Just do it. Get in touch with other Tongalers and discuss the possibility of teaming up and how to distribute the work. It’s as simple as that.

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11/14 2014

Tongaler of the Month – For Example Media

Congratulations to our latest Tongaler of the Month, For Example Media! This duo of Erin Germain and Jennifer Fernandes first met in college, but pursued their passions separately before teaming up to form their production company. Here you’ll read about their creative backgrounds, their enthusiasm for documentary style work and adventures in South America!

Izzy Francke: What’s your production background? Did you go to film school?

Erin Germain: I was a Media Arts major in college, which covered film, television and communications.  My senior year I got an internship at The Oprah Winfrey Show, so I packed my bags and moved to Chicago. After too many Chicago winters, I decided to move back home to Southern California where I worked as a freelance TV producer for 7 years before starting For Example Media.

Jennifer Fernandes: I come from the agency side of things in marketing and public relations. I’ve worked with consumer brands, national non-profits and even lifestyle personalities through multi-channel, creative campaigns. I studied journalism and marketing in college.

IF: Impressive! How did you find Tongal?

EG: Word of mouth! A friend mentioned it to me.

IF: Tell your friend Team Tongal says thank you! What do you look for in a Tongal Project and what specifically attracts you to one when there are so many on the site?

EG: We specialize in documentary content, so we really try to focus on the Projects that allow us to work with real people. Sometimes this limits the Pitches that we submit, but I believe it’s also what sets us apart. We love the challenge of finding the perfect story that fits in with a brand and naturally ties it into the story. For our recent Video for Lucy, we cast a busy entrepreneur who uses her nightly run to recharge and make time for herself. We couldn’t have written something more perfect!

IF: That is perfect! It’s so cool that you have a sense of what makes your work unique. What’s the most interesting part of the production process for you?

JF: It’s amazing to see that initial spark of inspiration transform and grow into the final piece with the help of so many awesome people. It’s that moment when we upload that Video and see how all of our thoughts and ideas have been brought out visually.

EG: I genuinely love getting to know people, learning about their stories and then figuring out the best way to visually tell them on camera. I’ve had some incredible experiences in my career from surprising a wounded veteran with a new house to building a giant Rube Goldberg Machine with NASA Engineers to watching the sunrise over San Francisco from Alcatraz…the one thing they all have in common is a great story!

IF: We’re always inspired by a good story. Speaking of which, I love the live event coverage spots you did for LEGO Mindstorms and Simple Kind to City Skin. How do you typically prepare for shooting a live event versus a commercial?

EG: I love live events. From my years producing documentaries and reality shows, I’m very comfortable directing cameras around things that are unfolding in real time. It’s all about setting up the right crew and then capturing things as they happen. You don’t get a second chance to capture someone’s real and honest reaction to something. Having the right cameras and sound in place is crucial for that. For the LEGO Mindstorms event, we were awarded the Project on a Tuesday morning and were on a plane to Seattle less than 24 hours later with local and LA crew ready to go. We had very little time to prepare, but knew that if we had the right team in place, that we could pivot to capture everything that was happening at the event and tell the story.

IF: We’re always impressed with your ability to tell stories in such an authentic way. How has your style evolved over the course of your career?

EG: Thanks! Having a background in research has given me a great foundation for finding and telling real stories. I still use a lot of the things I learned early on in my career when planning our projects now. I also learned to be a chameleon from being a freelance producer. I would jump from show to show, so one month I might be shooting with famous artists in a museum and the next wearing steel toe boots in the forest with loggers. These experiences taught me how to connect with a lot of different people, which I think is an important part of producing an authentic story. It wasn’t until I started For Example Media that I really got to start experimenting and having more control over directing and style, which is lot of fun. We are always evolving and learning, but what is important for me is that we find the right tone for each Project.

JF: Yes, thank you! Working in public relations, we were also digging deeper to find the story that would resonate with audiences best. It was always finding unique ways to share the human interest side of clients or causes.

IF: What’s your favorite work you’ve done for Tongal?

JF: We’ve been really grateful for all of the cool Projects we’ve been able to work on through Tongal. If I had to pick one, I would have to say my favorite was the P&G Everyday Me web series. Our host was actually a friend from college who is an artist and we were able to really tap into the DIY, creative space on this one.

EG: It’s hard to pick favorites. I loved getting to know all of the amazing girls that participated in our Clean & Clear shoot. LEGO Mindstorms was also a huge opportunity for our company. It combined all of our loves into one video: a great story, a cool kid, an educational aspect and LEGO! I also really loved the P&G Everyday Me web series. The end product was fun and whimsical!

IF: What would be your dream Project on Tongal?

EG: There are so many possibilities! I would love to go back to my roots and do a longer documentary. What’s great about Tongal is that it is constantly surprising us with the cool Projects that pop up that we could have never dreamed up.

IF: We’re glad you’re able to consistently find an exciting variety of Projects on Tongal. What do you find unique about being a female filmmaker in such a male-dominated industry?

EG: Over the course of my career I’ve been fortunate to have worked with many incredibly talented, supportive women in television. It wasn’t until I switched over to more of the branded content side that I noticed things were a little more male dominated. It’s something we’ve talked about and it is definitely part of a bigger conversation in the entertainment/advertising industry right now. When we started our company we wanted to combine our backgrounds in TV/Documentaries and Marketing/PR and we also wanted to tell stories that we were proud to be a part of. I think the fact that we are women is just one part of that and as a whole we are a different option for people. What is exciting about this industry right now is that there are so many opportunities for people to make their own paths. More so than being a woman filmmaker or director, I feel that I am someone who is forging my own path and offering a different option.

IF: It’s wonderful to hear your perspective on this, and we love that you’re forging your own paths! What are your daily must-reads?

JF: I like to know what’s going on in the world. One of the first things I do in the morning is read The Skimm on my phone to get a quick scoop on the news. I’m also on the lookout during the day of what’s coming through on CNN, NYT, Upworthy, etc. I’m also a fiction book lover, so always looking for my next read.

EG: I’ve always been a big reader and find a lot of inspiration in reading stories on a wide variety of topics. I follow a handful of blogs daily (Deadline, Adweek/Adfreak, Laughing Squid and Apartment Therapy). I also subscribe to way too many magazines (Elle, Marie Claire, Wired, Time and Travel & Leisure are my favorites) and enjoy the rare free moment I can sit and read one all the way through. However, the pile on my coffee table never seems to go down!

IF: Wow, that’s a lot of great material for inspiration! Tell us a fun fact or surprising hobby about yourself.

JF: We both love South America and each taught in different countries (Chile & Ecuador) through WorldTeach. We actually go further back than that and first became friends in college.

EG: And, I am actually going back to Ecuador in a few weeks to teach a course on Branded Content at one of the Universities there.

IF: That’s so exciting – have a fantastic trip! What’s next for you, on Tongal or otherwise?

EG: We are still a relatively new company so we are incredibly grateful to be busy. I’m getting ready for my trip to Ecuador in a few weeks and we have a few exciting projects outside of Tongal that we are currently working on. And, of course we look forward for our next great Tongal adventure!

IF: Do you have any advice for other Tongalers?

JF: It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t win that Project you think is perfect for you. Just keep on it and really try to focus on Ideas/Projects that fit your strengths.

Thanks so much for chatting with us. Team Tongal is so glad we got to know more about For Example Media’s creative process and work…we can’t wait to see your next Tongal Project!

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10/24 2014

Tongal Inspired Halloween Costumes

Happy (almost) Halloween, Tongal friends! Tongal HQ has been getting into the spooky spirit, but we needed inspiration in the costume department. So, we decided to turn to your Tongal Videos for ideas. If you’re still scrambling to put together that perfect Halloween outfit, here are some solid options with a hat tip to some of your all-time favorite Tongal Videos.

Costume Idea: Bad Toothbrush
Project: Bad Toothbrush Viral Video Project
If you’re looking for a costume that says “scary…yet scandalous,” this one’s for you.
What you need: Fabric, cardboard for the headpiece, scissors, and plastic straws for the bristles (get these in yellow for that “bad” touch). If you’re into DIY, check out this useful post. You can also buy this costume pre-made.

Costume Idea: Swiss Alpine Man
Ricola “I Found Chrütercraft” Video Project

This one is bound to be popular – everyone loves a dude who’s brave enough to rock some lederhosen! It’s also a great “couples costume” or you could go nuts and get the whole family involved.
What you need: Some Alpine costumes and a beer stein.

Costume Idea: Thanksgiving Turkey and Hanukkah Dreidel
Project: Manischewitz Celebrate Thanksgivukah Video Project
You and your BFF will wow the crowd as this beloved duo. Plus, if you bring the Manischewitz – people will want to spin the dreidel all night long!
What you need: There are tons of turkey costumes out there on Amazon. However, we think Boston Costume’s option is a winner. For the dreidel you’ll need a cardboard box, scissors, and blue and yellow construction paper.

Costume Idea: Tron Guy
Project: Stuck on Duck Video Project
With a nod to Jay Maynard, put on some Daft Punk and get to taping.
What you need: Lots of Glow in the Dark Duck Tape. Watch this video for a complete supply list, and this one on how to make the costume.

Costume Idea: Grime-Fighter (alias: Q-tip)
Project: Q-tips Video Project

This costume is creative and comfy – 80% of it is sweatpants and a sweatshirt! Or, you can go all out and wear a full bodysuit…we won’t judge.
What you need: White sweatpants, sweatshirt and shoes, cotton batting, white face paint, a light colored beanie and a black half face mask to give it that “Grime-Fighter” touch. Here are some detailed instructions we found on how to put it all together.

Costume Idea: Woman Cursed with White Marks
The Adios White-Marks Video Project
You’re too busy to make something fancy, but still want to get big laughs. With this one, you could bring home the prize for “most original costume” this Halloween.
What you need: A dress you aren’t in love with anymore, and some deodorant (just not Secret Clear Gel, duh!).

Costume Idea: Star Wars Characters
Project: The Force for Fun Project
You don’t have to buy an expensive costume to show your Lucas loyalty.
What you need: Try using cinnamon buns for Princess Leia’s hair, an illustrated paper bag for Chewbacca’s face, and stacked Pringles cans as light sabers. Get creative!

Costume Idea: Tongal’s Most Loyal Fan
Project: Ride The Bull

Prove yourself as Tongal’s most loyal fan with this extreme costume – it is Halloween after all. Go big or go home, am I right?
What you need: A tattoo artist...or a really great S

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10/17 2014

The Tongies are Back!

Drumroll please… We’re thrilled to announce that the 2nd Annual Tongies is officially happening and will take place on March 5, 2015 in Los Angeles. Let’s just say the countdown to #tongies2015 is on, big time!

You may recall that the Tongies is our awards ceremony to celebrate the amazing work that the Tongal community has produced over the course of the year on our platform! You have continued again this year to raise the bar beyond all expectations. We’re humbled and proud and already tapping our toes in anticipation to give you the recognition (and the party) that you’ve earned!

For a taste of what it might be like take a look at our recap of the 2014 awards with a video, photos and of course, the winners.

Stay tuned to see who gets nominated (and snags an invitation to the in-person event), and remember, there’s still time to make the cut, so keep submitting to our current Projects. Take particular note of our “Swede for the Holidays Video Project” and “Swede A Music Video Project” because the first place winners will earn a trip of a lifetime — to the Tongies, of course.

Remember, your votes determine the winners for the Tongies, so we’ll be sure to let you know when voting opens.